Made in Chicago

Jazz is always happening “between”– between notes, between styles, between the musicians and the audience, between the beginning and the end of the concert. It is not about notes, melodies, particular people, it cannot be closed in records or CDs. It is free, it does not belong to anyone, and no one can appropriate it. Everything we can do to make great jazz is create suitable conditions, and the rest depends on the musicians and the audience. Let’s remember that jazz is not only music, but it is also a risky artistic attitude. Here, one cannot go back, rewind, improve, make smoother. There are no rules here, each concert is an unknown, a surprise. But what is a source of fear for some, to others is a source of satisfaction from taking part in something unique – said Wojciech Juszczak, the founder of the event and a long-term director of Estrada Poznańska.

MADE IN CHICAGO is a unique festival – just like Chicago is a unique city. It is organized in cooperation with Jazz Institute of Chicago, one of the most important non-governmental organizations supporting jazz music in the USA. It is the only festival in Europe so widely representing the great heritage of Chicago Jazz. Estrada Poznańska invites several artists to take part in each edition of the festival. Among them there are young talented musicians as well as the legends of jazz.

The jazz of Chicago has a status of a cultural phenomenon. Legendary figures from that jazz scene make contemporary jazz together with new artists. Different generations of musicians playing together have become a part of the city’s tradition. The exchange of experiences is easy thanks to numerous concerts, festivals, and other events organized by the musicians themselves or by professional institutions, such as Jazz Institute of Chicago.

Chicago jazz, despite its status, still surprises with its originality. It features the completeness of the Afro-American culture, mixing it with the blues of Chicago, which directly refers to the African tradition, but also to the contemporary jazz. For the musicians from Chicago, Poznań has become the European capital of jazz. So far, almost 80 musicians have performed at MADE IN CHICAGO. Jazz fans from Poznań have a unique opportunity to be up to date with what is happening on Chicago jazz scene and to discover its rich history. The concerts are accompanied by an educational programme.

Poznań’s festival MADE IN CHICAGO is an original and one of the most interesting proposals on the map of European jazz festivals. It is organized together with the most important organization supporting jazz music in the USA - Jazz Institute of Chicago, with the participation of the budgets of the city of Poznań and the State of Illinois.

The idea of Made in Chicago concerts is the presentation of the Chicago jazz scene, from tradition to avant-garde.