Muza Cinema

Muza cinema is a cult place and one of the most dynamic art-house cinemas in Poland which attracts film buffs with its original repertoire. Thanks to its well-planned programme strategy and out-of-the-box ideas for film events, the cinema has been substantially contributing to the cultural offer of Poznań.

The cinema was set up as “Theater Apollo” in 1908. After 2 years it was renamed as “Colosseum”, in 1934 it was “Europa”, in 1935 “Świt”, in 1940 “Zentral Lichtspiele”, in 1945, “Wolność”, and finally, at the end of the 1850s it became “Muza”. In 2007 the cinema was managed by Gutek Film, a film-distributing company. Since February 2008 Muza has been run by Estrada Poznańska. In 2008, it had its jubilee – 100 years of functioning!

Muza is a member of Art-house Cinemas Network and Europa Cinemas. It has conducted the programme New Horizons of Film Education. Muza offers a wide art-house repertoire, it organizes numerous thematic film screenings and festivals, and it attracts cinemagoers with the cycles for students (DKF Kamera, Przyzwoicie Tanie Czwartki), women (Babska Muza), families (Poranki Rodzinne, Z dzieckiem w kinie). The cinema’s motto is: “We know what we are screening!”, which is reflected in its thoroughly selected repertoire. It is mainly European and author’s cinema.

Muza has undergone a makeover: from the new arrangement of the hall, through the replacement of the screen and sound system, to long-awaited new seats in the theatre. The number of seats has been limited in order to increase the space between the rows, and therefore – the comfort of the audience. In the hall, there is a café, which offers delicious coffees, chocolates and cakes.